The Alfred Goldstein Institute for Climate Change Studies is part of Mote’s Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research & Restoration (IC2R3) on Summerland Key, Florida. The Institute was established thanks to a generous donation from the Alfred and Ann Goldstein Foundation, which supports the building’s infrastructure and supporting studies on the impacts of climate change on coral reef ecosystems and restoration.

The Institute was announced as part of Mote’s IC2R3 facility opened in 2017.

As a longtime supporter of Mote, I am excited to support this new facility and the related research that will enhance Mote’s international presence and reputation. The impact of the research housed at this institute will make a profound difference not only in the Florida Keys but around the world.

—Dr. Al Goldstein

Mote Marine Laboratory scientists study and identify types of coral capable of resisting climate change impacts—increased heat and ocean acidification (OA). Mote scientists also examine how these stressors are affecting corals in the environment today. These and other efforts power Mote’s science-based coral reef restoration.