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Dr. Demian Chapman

Senior Scientist & Director, Center for Shark Research

Center for Shark Research, Sharks & Rays Conservation Research Program

Today's Research for Tomorrow's Oceans


As a Senior Scientist in Mote’s Research Division, Dr. Chapman also serves as the Manager for the Sharks & Rays Conservation Research Program and holds the title of Perry W. Gilbert Chair in Shark Research.

Current Publications

J. Goetze, M. Heithaus, M. MacNeil, et al (2024). Directed conservation of the world’s reef sharks and rays. Nature Ecology & Evolution , 8, 1118–1128.
Neil D. Cook, Gina M. Clementi, Kathryn I. Flowers, Lanya Fanovich, Jo Cable, Sarah E. Perkins, Aljoscha Wothke, Ryan S. Mohammed and Demian D. Chapman (2024). Elasmobranch diversity around the southern Caribbean island of Tobago: opportunities for conservation in a regional trade hub. Journal of the marine biological association of the united kingdom, 104(e8), 1-10.
Neil D. Cook, Gina M. Clementi, Kathryn I. Flowers, Lanya Fanovich, Jo Cable, Sarah E. Perkins, Aljoscha Wothke, Ryan S. Mohammed, Demian D. Chapman (2024). Elasmobranch diversity around the southern Caribbean island of Tobago: opportunities for conservation in a regional trade hub. Journal of the marine biological association of the united kingdom, 104(e8), 1-10. S0025315423000917
Oliver N. Shipley, Philip Matich, Nigel E. Hussey, Annabelle M. L. Brooks, Demian Chapman, Michael G. Frisk, Annie E. Guttridge , Tristan L. Guttridge, Lucy A. Howey, Sami Kattan, Daniel J. Madigan, Owen O’Shea, Nicholas V. Polunin, Michael Power, Matthew J. Smukall, Eric V. C. Schneider, Brendan D. Shea, Brendan S. Talwar, Maggie Winchester, Edward J. Brooks and Austin J. Gallagher (2023). Energetic connectivity of diverse elasmobranch populations- implications for ecological resilience. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 290, 20230262.
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D. Cardenosa, Y. L. Robles, D. A. Ussa, C. M. del Valle, S. Caballero, & D. D. Chapman (2023). Pre-export shark fin processing to conceal CITES-listed species: a case-study from a shark fin seizure in Colombia. Animal Conservation, 26, 781-788.
Brendan S. Talwar, Mark E. Bond, Sean Williams, Edward J. Brooks, Demian D. Chapman, Lucy A. Howey, Ryan Knotek, Jim Gelsleichter (2023). Reproductive timing and putative mating behavior of the oceanic whitetip shar Carcharhinus longimanus in the eastern Bahamas. Endangered Species Research, 50, 181-194.
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Additional Publications

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