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Dr. Nathan P. Brennan

Staff Scientist

Fisheries Ecology & Enhancement Program

Today's Research for Tomorrow's Oceans


Dr. Nathan Brennan has a Ph.D. in Fisheries Ecology, from the University of Florida. His primary research focus is in stock enhancement, where hatchery-produced animals are released into the wild as a supplemental stock management tool. Much of his work has centered around understanding wild ecology of juvenile stages of key species (e.g. common snook, red drum, red snapper, striped mullet) and applying these findings towards improving post-release performance of the stocked fish. Logistical field work has typically involved post-release sampling of local estuaries using seines, deployment and use of PIT-antenna tag systems that monitor in-situ movement and survival, and tracking of acoustic tags. 

Dr. Brennan is also involved in land-based marine aquaculture research, based at Mote’s Aquaculture Facility in Sarasota, FL. Dr. Brennan is involved in larval rearing, juvenile production and growth to maturation of marine species. Another area of study is identifying how aquaculture rearing environment and technology can influence animal morphology and behavior and how this can improve post-release performance. Dr. Brennan is also focused in applying biological and ecological insight towards improving commercial production potential of high-value marine species, such as Florida pompano through refinements in feeding strategies, and developing integrated aquaculture systems involving native shoreline plants and other valuable synergistic species.


Ph.D., Fisheries Ecology, University of Florida  

M.S., Biology, Tennessee Technological University, Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit, Cookeville, Tennessee

B.A., Zoology, University of Hawaii

Additional Publications

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