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Helen Watrous

Stranding Biologist

Stranding Investigations Program

Today's Research for Tomorrow's Oceans


Helen was an intern with Mote’s Dolphin/Whale and Sea Turtle Hospital for three months as well as the Stranding Investigations Program from February 2020 to July 2020. As an intern, Helen completed a spatiotemporal analysis of sea turtle strandings in Sarasota, FL from 2010-2019 to complete her Master’s degree in August 2020. In 2021 she interned with IFAW for three months and spent a year on Long Island, NY working with the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society before returning to Mote in 2022


B.S. in Biology from Western Michigan University
MPS in Marine Conservation from the University of Miami, RSMAS

Additional Publications

Bloom DD, Kolmann M, Foster K, Watrous H. Mode of miniaturisation influences body shape evolution in New World anchovies (Engraulidae). J Fish Biol. 2020;96:194–201.