Environmental Health Research

Aspen Cook

Aspen Cook

Staff Environmental Specialist

Aspen joined the staff at Mote Marine Laboratory as a Laboratory Technician for the Environmental Health Program in 2019 where she was most involved in maintaining Mote’s Beach Conditions Reporting System (BCRS), conducting research for mitigation strategies of Florida’s red tide species, Karenia brevis, and assisting with intern research projects. Aspen now works as a Staff Environmental Specialist, heading projects exploring the efficacy of filter feeding organisms for enhancing water quality and expanding the BCRS across the state of Florida and into other coastal areas through collaborations with county, state, and federal organizations. She is also working to expand Mote’s volunteer and community science programs, increase community engagement in scientific research, and help communicate scientific information to the public. In collaboration with her colleagues, Aspen is also working to design, test, and implement new technologies to enhance the study, tracking, forecasting, and mitigation of Florida’s red tide.


B.S. in Environmental Science with a minor in Psychology