Marine Biomedical Research

Dr. Carl Luer

Dr. Carl Luer

Senior Scientist

Since joining Mote Marine Laboratory in 1979 to initiate and manage a marine biomedical research program, Dr. Luer has been involved with several studies utilizing sharks, skates, and rays as model systems and sources of research material. His projects include characterization of the histological and biochemical responses of sharks and skates to potent chemical carcinogens, research on skate reproductive physiology and embryonic development, age and growth studies and tooth replacement studies with nurse sharks, investigations into the cellular immunology of sharks and skates, characterization of the culture medium from short-term culture of shark epigonal cells that demonstrates potent tumor cell inhibitory activity, identification of antimicrobial activity in stingray epidermal mucus secretions, and characterization of the healing response of experimental wounds in stingrays.


AB in German, Duke University MA in Zoology, University of South Florida PhD in Biochemistry, University of Kansas Medical Center