Coral Reef Monitoring & Assessment

Cory Walter

Cory Walter

Staff Biologist

Cory Walter is a Staff Biologist for Mote Marine Laboratory Tropical Fields Station on Summerland Key, FL. She has been with Mote since 2004 with experience in Coral Reef Ecosystem Research and Monitoring as well as getting the community involved with reporting on this important ecosystem. Cory is program coordinator for BleachWatch and the Marine Ecosystem Event Response and Assessment (MEERA), community monitoring projects, which are funded by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, NOAA s Coral Reef Conservation Program and Mote s  Protect Our Reef  license plate. Other projects include but not limited to is Red Tide Research, Coral Restoration, and Visitor Support for adjunct and visiting researchers. 


B.S. in Marine Biology, Millersville University


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