Phytoplankton Ecology

Devin Burris

Devin Burris

Staff Specialist - Phytopigment Analyst

Devin, a South Jersey native, joined the Mote Marine Laboratory staff in 2016 after completing an internship with both Mote's Environmental Health and Phytoplankton Ecology Programs. Her research interests focus on ecosystem disruption, with past projects involving growth rates of invasive catfish, exotic snail feeding preferences, exotic catfish reproductive patterns, and food web analysis. At Mote, Devin’s research focuses on Florida Red Tide (Karenia brevis) and strategies to mitigate blooms through natural resources such as algicidal compounds produced by marine microorganisms.


B.S. Aquatic and Marine Biology with a minor in Environmental Studies from Stetson University

M.S. Environmental Science from Florida Gulf Coast University ( In Progress)


Hardison DR, Holland WC, Currier RD, Kirkpatrick B, Stumpf R, Fanara T, Burris D, Reich A, Kirkpatrick GJ, Litaker RW. HABscope: A tool for use by citizen scientists to facilitate early warning of respiratory irritation caused by toxic blooms of Karenia brevis. PloS one. 2019 Jun 20;14(6):e0218489.

Awards & Honors

2019 Mote Marine Laboratory Graduate Fellowship
2019 10th US Symposium on Harmful Algae Travel Award
2019 Florida Gulf Coast University Water School Scholarship
2019 Florida Gulf Coast University Red Tide Relief Endowed Fund Scholarship