Stranding Investigations

Gretchen Lovewell

Gretchen Lovewell

Program Manager

Ms. Gretchen Lovewell is the Program Manager for Mote Marine Laboratory's Stranding Investigations Program (SIP) . She has been active in the stranding network since 1999 where she was a student at University of North Carolina Wilmington. Gretchen has been in a leadership role since 2003, first as North Carolina s state stranding coordinator for NOAA Fisheries and currently as the SIP Program Manager. Since 1999, Gretchen has responded to over 40 different species of marine mammals and sea turtles and hundreds of stranding responses. In addition to her stranding work, Gretchen has participated in aerial and vessel surveys for marine mammals, is a Level 3 first responder for large whale disentanglement and has participated in multiple dolphin health assessments and rescues. This work has led to several collaborators on peer-reviewed scientific papers, presentations and reports.


BS in Marine Biology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington


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Awards & Honors

Recognition of  Extraordinary Efforts to Rescue and Disentangle Small Cetaceans , 2012  Crisis Response Team Efficiency Award from FWCC November 2011  Recognition of  Responding to Elevated Numbers of Large Whale Strandings in the SER, 2007-2009  Completed Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies Atlantic Large Whale Disentanglement Level 3 Apprenticeship Training 2008  Certificate of Appreciation from NMFS SEFSC Director Dr. Nancy Thompson and NMFS SE Regional Coordinator, Blair Mase for Exemplary Service during the 2004 Bottlenose Dolphin Unusual Mortality Event in the Florida Panhandle