Community Relations & Communications

Haley Burleson

Haley Burleson

Community Events Coordinator

Haley joined Mote's family at the beginning of May 2018 as a research technician for Mote's Fisheries Ecology and Enhancement Program, where she was responsible for conducting fishery independent sampling for juvenile mullet, PIT tagging them, and maintaining habitat monitoring stations. She was also part of Mote's ongoing research focused on common snook aquaculture and stock enhancement.

Haley now works as a Community Event Coordinator in the Florida Keys at Mote's Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research & Restoration where she supports the communications and development activities for Mote Marine Laboratory in the Florida Keys and the institutional goals of promoting Mote's research, generating attendance for Mote public exhibits, education programs and events, and supporting fundraising efforts while also enhancing the institutions reputation, integrity, and partnerships.


B.S. in Biology from Old Dominion University

M.S. in Nonprofit Management from University of Florida