Sea Turtle Conservation & Research

Dr. Jake Lasala

Dr. Jake Lasala

Program Manager

Dr. Lasala has worked with sea turtles for over a decade. His graduate research focused on identifying robust demographic metrics to complement survey data. Male marine turtles are elusive and much of our understanding of marine turtles populations are based off nest counts (# of females). Through paternity examination, Dr. Lasala used a proxy (breeding sex ration) to quantify the minimum number of males that contribute to these populations. His current research focus addresses how individuals within populations utilize habitats and adapt to local and global environmental shifts. His research will address longitudinal changings within and among populations, specifically by exploring which factors and behavior affect population dynamics and how individuals might adapt to a changing climate. He is a member of the Sea Turtle Conservation and Research Program (STCRP) and is looking forward to collaboration projects in the future.


B.A. University of Chicago (Biology)

M.S. Georgia Southern University (Genetics)

Ph.D. Florida Atlantic University (Integrative Biology - Ecology and Genetics)


Lasala, J.A., Harrison, J.S., Williams, K.S., and Rostal, D.C. 2013. Strong male-biased operational sex ratio in a breeding population of loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) inferred by paternal genotype reconstruction analysis. Ecology and Evolution, 3(14): 4736-4747.

Lasala, J.A., Hughes, C.R., Wyneken, J. 2018. Breeding sex ration and population size of loggerhead turtles from Southwestern Florida. PLoS ONE, 13: e0191615.

Lasala, J.A., Hughes, C., Wyneken, J. 2020. Female loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta L.) rarely remate during nesting season. Ecology and Evolution, 10: 163-174.

Awards & Honors

Florida Sea Turtle License Plate Grant

National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation Award

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: Marine Turtle Permit 216