Ocean Acidification

Jessica Frankle

Jessica Frankle

Staff Chemist

Jess joined Mote after completing her Master's degree focusing on the element radium and fluid residence times in hydrothermal systems (i.e., deep-sea hot-springs). Her previous research has larger implications for microbial organisms living in and around these systems as well as fluid flow through different hydrothermal subsurfaces. At Mote, Jess manages the Sarasota campus Ocean Acidification lab and its interns, researches the local coastal carbon buffer system and red tide (a harmful algal bloom) mitigation, and participates in coastal monitoring expeditions of Sarasota Bay with the Chemical and Physical Ecology Department.  


M.S. in Geological Sciences, University of South Carolina, 2021
B.S. in Marine Science and Minor in Music, University of South Carolina, 2018


Moore, WS, Frankle, JD, Benitez-Nelson, CR, Früh-Green, GL, and Lang, SQ. (in review). Activities of 223Ra and 226Ra in fluids from the Lost City Hydrothermal Field require short fluid residence times. Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans.