Chemical & Physical Ecology

Kelley Breeden, M.S.

Kelley Breeden, M.S.

Staff Chemist

Kelley is a Florida native and recent grad, joining the CP&E team in 2023. Before MOTE, she attended grad school at FAU, looking at how organic nutrients like phosphorus effect the freshwater algal blooms that occur yearly in Lake Okeechobee. Before that, she obtained her undergrad degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Combining her love of chemistry, the environment, and all waterways, she utilizes all her skills with the CP&E department. Her work at MOTE includes performing nutrient analysis for PO4, NH4, NO2, NO3, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus on water samples by utilizing the AutoAnalyzer. She also helps in field sampling and other research efforts related to Red Tide Mitigation. She hopes to continue working in her area of expertise and help expand the productivity of the lab. 


B.S. Biochemisty and Molecular Biology, Florida Southern College
M.S. Enviornmental Science, Florida Atlantic University 


Breeden KL, Louda JL. Microcystis Aeruginosa Needs a Microbiome in Order to Utilize Phosphorus from Organo-Phosphates. Austin Environ Sci. 2023; 8(2): 1096.