Sharks & Rays Conservation Research

Kim Bassos-Hull

Kim Bassos-Hull

Senior Biologist

Kim works with the following programs at Mote; Shark and Ray Conservation Program, Education, and the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program. As part of her work with the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program Kim is employed by the Chicago Zoological Society (based at Mote Marine Laboratory as part of a partnership to engage in dolphin research, education, and conservation action). Kim is also employed part time with Mote and since 2006 has worked with Mote's Education Division as a research mentor for the High School Intern Program. Since 2009 Kim has led a research project documenting spotted eagle ray biology, behavior, and fisheries impacts in Florida, Mexico, and Cuba with the Shark and Ray Conservation Program.


B.S. in Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

M.Sc. in Marine Science, University of California, Santa Cruz


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