Fisheries Ecology & Enhancement

Ron Hans

Ron Hans

Staff Biologist

Ron Hans joined Mote Marine Laboratory in 2014. He conducts research experiments to increase the productivity of aquaculture, raises marine larval fish to their juvenile state, assists in field sampling and constructs recirculating filter systems to produce live food, snook and other marine fishes. Hans wants to make a difference in the conservation of marine ecosystems, and he has made strides in bolstering the health of our fisheries through raising snook from eggs to be released into their natural habitat for fisheries research. In 2018, Hans received first place in the University of South Florida-Sarasota/Manatee Student Showcase for Projects, Research and Innovation for his research on cannibalistic behavior of common snook due to density. Hans is working to complete his Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies at the University of South Florida.  He received his Associate in Arts degree in Biological Sciences and his Associate in Science in Zoo Animal Technology from Santa Fe College.


A.A. in Biological Sciences from Santa Fe college

A.S. in Zoo Animal Technology from Santa Fe College.