Manatee Research

Sheri Barton
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Sheri Barton

Senior Biologist

Sheri joined Mote Marine Laboratory in 1995, first as an intern, then as a staff member in the Manatee Research Program. Sheri's primary focus is on manatee photo-identification, behavioral studies, and genetic sampling. Her experience includes telemetry; habitat monitoring; marine mammal stranding response, rescue, and necropsy; and surveys of boater use of waterways and manatee speed zones. She is Mote s manatee photo-identification project coordinator, the Manatee Individual Photo-Identification System (MIPS) database manager for Mote, and a member of Mote s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.


2006 Master of Science, Conservation Biology, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL 1995 Bachelor of Science, Biology, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL


Carney, S.L., E.E. Bolen, S.L. Barton, K.M. Scolardi, C.E. Englund, M.D. Tringali, and J.E. Reynolds, III. 2007. A minimally invasive method of field sampling for genetic analyses of the Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris). Marine Mammal Science 23(4):967-965. Langtimm, C.A., C.A. Beck, H.H. Edwards, K.J. Fick-Child, B.B. Ackerman, S.L. Barton, and W.C. Hartley. 2004. Survival estimates for Florida manatees from the photo-identification of individuals. Marine Mammal Science, 20(3):438-463.