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Nicholas McMahon

Staff Biologist

Coral Health & Disease Research Program

Today's Research for Tomorrow's Oceans


A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Nick moved to Florida in 2004 to attend Florida Atlantic University (FAU). He earned a bachelor’s degree in marine biology at FAU in 2008. The following year he moved to the Florida Keys for work as a science instructor, teaching marine biology to campers and students at Seacamp & Newfound Harbor Marine Institute. Nick also attended graduate school at Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU’s) Oceanographic center. As a member of the marine larval ecology and recruitment lab under Dr. Joana Figueiredo, he gained experience working with brooding and broadcast-spawning corals, coral fertilization, larval settlement and recruitment. At NSU Nick’s research experiment investigated the effects of varying irradiance regimes on sexually-produced coral recruits of two Caribbean species, Porites astreoides and Agaricia agaricites. 

Nick is the primary biologist/aquarist for the Coral Gene bank at the Mote Aquaculture Research Park.


BS Marine Biology, Florida Atlantic University
MS Marine Biology, Nova Southeastern University