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North American river otter

Lontra canadensis

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Species Type:

Marine Mammals

Common Name(s):

North American river otter


On average, river otters grow to be three to four feet (0.9-1.2 meters) and can weigh anywhere from 11-30 pounds (5-14 kilograms)! Male river otters are typically larger than their female counterparts.


North American river otters aren't picky eaters, they eat a wide range of foods available to them in their aquatic environments. This includes: fish, crustaceans, frogs, birds, eggs, turtles, muskrats, rabbits and occasionally aquatic plants, like seagrass.


Pippi was rescued in spring 2015 and came from the same Conway, S.C.-based facility as Jane. At the time of rescue, she was believed to be a week to 10 days younger than Jane and weighed 2.1 pounds. She weighed 7 pounds on arrival at Mote. Pippi is more shy and calm than Jane, with darker coloring around her face.