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Green Sea Turtle

Green sea turtle

Chelonia mydas

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Common Name(s):

Green sea turtle


Green turtles grow to be three or four feet (0.91-1.22 meters) in length and weigh 300-350 pounds (136.1-158.8 kilograms). (NOAA)


Green turtles eat a wide variety of vegetation including algae and seagrasses. They'll also snack on insects, worms, sponges, dead fish and smaller invertebrates. As green turtles reach adulthood, they become more herbivorous in nature.

Range & Habitat:

Found worldwide, green sea turtles live in many different saltwater ecosystems. They've been found to live in the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea.


The largest of all hard-shelled sea turtles, green sea turtles have special lenses in their eyes that refract sun rays allowing them to see clearly underwater. With extremely serrated jaws, green sea turtles are able to tear through just about any vegetation they find. They like to occupy subtropical and temperate regions around the globe. Mating season varies depending on the turtle’s location in the world. For example, green turtles mate Jun.- Sept. if they’re in the Caribbean or Jul.- Dec. if they’re in the Indian Ocean. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, green turtles are considered Endangered.