Patient Updates

06/09/2023 Turtle was found floating about 1/4 mile offshore near the first inlet into Estero Bay in Lee County.

06/10/2023 Turtle was transported to Mote for medical assessment and rehabilitation. “Apollo” had blood work done and was started on subcutaneous fluids and injectable antibiotics. He is in a rehab. pool in very shallow water due to lethergy. He bit at all prey items offered, but only consumed 10 grams of squid.  

06/11/2023 Apollo ate 100 g of crab. His water was raised a couple inches.  

06/12/2023  Apollo’s water was lowered a few inches due to buoyancy issues. Showed no interest in eating today.

06/14/2023 Apollo had a defecation overnight and there were numerous crushed shells in it indicating he had been recently eating.

06/19/2023 The uric acid in Apollo’s blood work continues to increase despite receiving subcutaneous fluids and being kept in a lower salinity. Elevated concentrations of uric acid have been associated with kidney disease.

06/23/2023 Apollo had radiographs and an ultrasound today to examine his kidneys and GI motility. He was given subcutaneous fluids, a steroid injection, and an injection of a medication meant to increase GI motility.

06/24/2023 Apollo continues to show no interest in eating. He is still being kept in low water due to buoyancy issues.

06/27/2023 Unfortuantey, Apollo’s blood parameters continued to worsen depite fluid therpay and medical intervention. He passed away overnight.