Patient Updates

09/11/2023  Turtle was found with buoyancy issues in Harbour Village Marina, Ponce Inlet in Volusia County and brought to Volusia County Marine Science Center. Records say turtle evaded capture for several hours.

09/12/2023  Figaro was transferred to The Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Laboratory for Marine Science in St. Augustine for treatment because it shows signs of fibropapillomatosis.

09/28/2023 Figaro had surgery to remove fibropapilloma tumors.

10/18/2023  Grand Teton, Goofy, Figaro, and Cri-kee were transferred from White Lab to Mote for continued care in order to make space for incoming turtles on the east coast of Florida.  

10/20/2023  Figaro is active and eating well. 

10/24/2023  Figaro did not want to eat today. Radiographs and blood work were completed. Blood glucose is very low so turtle was given dextrose IV and fluids.  

10/26/2023 Figaro is still not eating. He is being given subcutaneous fluids daily until eating agin. Radiographs also show signs of osteomyelitis so Figaro was started on an injectable antibiotic and pain medications.

11/11/2023 Figaro has improved greatly. His tank is now at full depth. He is actively swimming all day and eagerly eating all food offered. Antibiotic injections have been discontinued since he has improved.

12/12/2023  Figaro was released on the East Coast today!