Patient Updates

09/28/2023  Turtle was found floating in Halifax Harbor Marina, Daytona in Volusia County and brought to Volusia County Marine Science Center.

10/12/2023  Grand Teton was transferred to The Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Laboratory for Marine Science in St. Augustine for treatment because it shows signs of fibropapillomatosis.

10/18/2023  Grand Teton, Goofy, Figaro, and Cri-kee were transferred from White Lab to Mote for continued care in order to make space for incoming turtles on the east coast of Florida.  

10/20/2023  Grand Teton is active and eating well. Injectable antibiotics were discontinued, and turtle is now on oral antibiotics every other day.  

10/27/2023 Grand Teton continues to do well. The depth of the tank was increased to full and daily diet is being increased.  

11/11/2023  Grand Teton is very active and eating well. His tank is at full depth. Planning on scheduling pap tumor removal surgery soon now that blood values are normalizing.

11/16/2023  Goofy and Grand Teton both had surgery today to remove fibropapilloma tumors. The tumor load on both turtles was minimal, so only local anesthesia was necessary. Both turtles were back in their tanks and eating well by the end of the day.

02/08/2024  Turtle is very active and continues to eat all seafood offered. Turtle had new growth of 3 new tumors, so had a second tumor removal procedure today using local anesthesia.  

02/21/2024  Canton, Cascade, Cincy, Jackson, Jersey, Point Lookout, Sedona, Shenandoah, and Grand Teton were transported by Mote staff to the middle of the state and were released on the east coast of Florida by FWC staff.