Patient Updates

10/28/2023  Turtle was found floating off St. James City, Pine Island in Lee County. Upon arrival a Mote, physical exam findings reveal a very significant boat strike to the carapace. X-rays show signs of air in the body cavity that may be secondary to damage sustained from the boat strike. Hannibal was given subcutaneous fluids and injectable antibiotics. Animal passed its swim test and is in very shallow water.

10/29/2023 Hannibal is showing no interest in food. 

11/02/2023 Turtle was transported to Veterinary Surgical Center of Sarasota for a CT scan. Veterinarians were concerned about a possible neck fracture because Hannibal was holding his head to the side and swimming in circles at times. CT results indicate no fracture of the cervical spine, but does show some air in the coelemic cavity and possible abscess tracking possibly from the area of the boat strike.

11/04/2023 Turtle is still showing no interest in eating. Continuing to receive subcutaneous fluids daily until eating and antibiotic injection every 3 days. He is holding his head straighter when in the tank and taking breaths.  

11/11/2023 Hannibal is still showing no interest in eating so he is being given subcutaneous fluids with calcium daily.  

11/17/2023 Due to poor prognosis and lack of response to treatments, turtle was humanely euthanized.