Patient Updates

12/20/2010 Hermey was transferred from the CROW facility on Sanibel to Mote for treatment of a serious fracture to the plastron (the underside of its shell) and a small tumor-like lesion on the ridge of one flipper. As seen above, Hermey is also missing the left rear flipper. The cause of the missing flipper is unknown — either the turtle was born without it or had an old injury that is now healed. The exact cause of the large fracture is unknown. The turtle was alert and active upon arrival. Hermey was weighed, X-rayed, given fluids and bloodwork submitted. The fracture on the plastron was also debrided — cleaned and flushed. The turtle was then water tested and shown to have a floating issue. Hermey did eat right away. 

12/23/2010 Hermey continues to eat and gain strength daily.

01/29/2011 Hermey has continued to heal and gains weight. The small tumors were removed. The fact that the turtle is still floating is of concern — if Hermey cannot dive, it is unlikely the state will grant his return to the wild.

02/25/2011 Hermey continues to eat well and the wounds on the plastron are healing; however, the turtle shows no signs of improvement with the floating issue. 

04/25/2011 Hermey has a lack of movement of the digestive tract. The turtle is recieving medication to help, however if the problem does not correct and the turtle does not resume its ability to dive, Hermey will be deemed non-releasable. 

05/18/2011 Hermey’s digestive tract has begun to improve, however, the turtle has not shown any improvement at all with the floating issue. 

06/02/2011 Hermey has been deemed non-releasable by the state. We are beginning a new training program with the turtle that will help it adapt to living in a permanent home. In addition to providing enrichment for the turtle, training will teach it how to participate in regular health checkups. 

06/13/2011 Hermey continues to improve with training and is now taking food directly from us. 

07/31/2011 Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is looking for a permanent home for this animal. In the meantime, Mote is using its training staff to help get the turtle accustomed to a new home.

08/10/2011 Hermey was transfered permenantly to the Florida Oceanographic Society in Stuart, Fla.