Patient Updates

11/16/2021 Holly and Hill were found stranded in rocks, wrapped in monolfilament, entangled together. The fishing line was embedded in their front flippers. They were transported to Volusia County Marine Science Center for triage. They had blood work done and were given subcutaneous fluids and injectable antibiotics.
11/17/2021 Holly and Hill were transported to Mote for rehabilitation. They both have fibropapilloma tumors and will need surgery at some point to remove the tumors. They were put in rehab. pools in shallow water. 
11/19/2021  Turtle had x-rays and blood work done. Injectable antibiotics will be given until blood values improve. Turtle is eating all seafood offered.
12/1/2021 Holly is eating well and swimming normally. Depth of tank is increased to full. Her white blood cell count is rising, so she was switched to an oral antibiotic and a different injectable antibiotic.
12/12/2021  Holly was sedated for surgery and the fibropapilloma tumors were removed using a surgical laser.
12/24/2021 Holly is recovering well following surgery. She is active and eating well. She is still on an oral antibiotic daily. 
01/15/2022 Holly is healing well following her surgery. She is eating well and gaining weight. She is still on antibiotics due to an elevated white blood cell count. She is now sharing a tank with Hill.  
01/24/2022 Blood values have improved, so antibiotics were discontinued. Will recheck bllod values in 2 weeks. Holly is active and eating well.
02/10/2022 Holly was released at New Smyrna Beach on the east coast of Florida by Mote staff!