Patient Updates

7/23/2015 Turtle stranded offshore in Pinellas County at the north end of Caladesi Island. She is an adult female with three of her flippers missing. Damage to the two rear flippers and tail appears to be the result of a shark bite; most of the right front flipper is also missing. This probably occurred as she was coming in to nest. 
8/03/2015 Turtle has been dropping eggs almost daily which are not viable. She has been swimming well and eating seagrass. Water level was raised.
8/25/2015 Turtle is eating a full diet of seagrass and remains active. She is currently on antibiotics for her wounds and has dropped more than 100 eggs to date. 
9/11/2015 Surgery was performed to remove two protruding metatarsals from her left rear flipper. She returned to her tank, and water level was lowered. 
9/12/2015 Turtle is recovering well. Tank water level was raised to full, and she is now eating capelin and shrimp in addition to her seagrass diet. 
10/23/2015 Examination reveals turtle is healing well after surgery. 
12/04/2015 Honu was moved to a larger, deeper tank for evaluation.
2/05/2016 Honu continues to do well and is being considered for release. 
3/04/2016 Honu was released at Bayfront Park on the north end of Anna Maria Island, Manatee County.