Patient Updates

06/17/2023 Turtle was found floating near the seawall at Port Manatee, Palmetto in Mantee County. Turtle initially had fishing line with a swivel attached coming out of its cloaca. The line was cut by the citizens who transported the turtle to Mote for rehab. “Traqua” is missing the left front flipper, but it appears to be an old injury. He also has a few small fibropapilloma tumors. Blood work was done and shows a very low blood glucose. Traqua was given an inravenous injection of dextrose and subcutanoeus fluids. He is in a rehab. tank in very shallow water.

06/18/2023 Traqua ate his full diet offered today. Blood work today shows a normal blood glucose level.  

06/19/2023 Radiographs were taken today and there is no evidence of any other metal fishing gear internally. Staff is on the look-out for fishing line when animal defecates.  

06/24/2023 Traqua is much more active and continues to forage all prey items offered. The depth of his tank was raised a couple inches.  

07/01/2023  Traqua continues to improve. He is swimming around more and is foraging his full diet daily.

07/03/2023 Traqua successfully passed the braided fishing line!

07/07/2023 The depth of Traqua’s tank was raised to full. He is active and eating all prey items offered.

07/15/2023  Recent blood work shows signs of anemia, but is improving. Traqua continues to eat well and is behaving normally.

07/22/2023 Traqua continues to eat well and is starting to gain weight.

08/10/2023  Traqua’s blood work is improving and anemia is resolving.

08/14/2023 Traqua was released at Anna Maria Island today!