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Mote has been obsessed with sharks since we opened our doors in 1955 and our founding Director, Dr. Eugenie Clark, earned the nickname "The Shark Lady." Today, Mote boasts the only Center for Shark Research recognized by the U.S. Congress, where we're working to conserve shark species to understand how sharks, skates and rays rarely get cancer —and whether we can use that knowledge to find new treatments for humans who do.

In the Shark Zone, you can explore the history of Mote's shark research—from studying shark repellants to being the first to discover that sharks could learn.

Special Narrated Training Sessions take place at 11 a.m. each Monday, Wednesday and Friday in our 135,000-gallon Shark Habitat, allowing you to learn how we care for some of the ocean's top predators and the training methods we use to keep our sharks healthy (sessions free with regular admission). Our Shark Habitat also features the world's largest grouper species (the goliath grouper) and other popular Florida game fish. 

Also in the Shark Zone: 

  • SharkTracker, which features bonnethead sharks (cousins of the great hammerhead), and our Ray Tray touch pool, where you can actually touch shark cousins, the stingrays.