Marine Experimental Research Facility Internship

This internship focuses on the Marine Experimental Research Facility (MERF) where interns will be involved with the housing, care, maintenance and essential life support requirements of elasmobranch fishes. MERF is a 4,200 sq. ft. facility that houses a total of 110,000 gallons of tank space that supports a variety of captive research projects. Interns will work along side of biologists learning skills valuable for the care and maintenance of sharks and rays, the management of life support systems, the design and construction of life support systems, water chemistry requirements for elasmobranch fishes, medicinal methods and administration and the biology of elasmobranchs. When necessary, and depending on the season, funding and project demands interns may be involved in elasmobranch collections and sampling learning proper collection techniques and gear use.

The ideal candidate for the MERF internship should possess the desire to learn about elasmobranch husbandry and animal care, life support system design, construction and maintenance, and water chemistry requirements for elasmobranch fishes. In addition, applicants should possess a strong mechanical aptitude, the able to work independently and have a meticulous attention to detail.

Hours: Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm, with occasional long hours and weekends.