Fisheries Ecology & Enhancement REU

Internship Mentor: Dr. Ryan Schloesser

The REU opportunity with Mote’s Fisheries Ecology & Enhancement Research Program provides research experience on the ecology of estuarine fishes, and will focus on examining multi-species habitat use patterns in response to restoration. The selected intern will get experience in data analysis and will have the opportunity to learn a variety of data management and statistical techniques using R statistical software. The intern will also get experience with field sampling and fish identification activities, for which we apply quantified stratified sampling with seine nets, monitoring of water quality and habitat features, and maintenance of the antenna arrays used to monitor movement and survival of fishes tagged with passive integrated transponder (PIT) tags. The goal of the field sampling is to recapture wild and hatchery-reared fishes that were tagged with coded-wire tags and PIT tags. Interns will also have the opportunity to contribute to stock enhancement research projects, including the tagging and release of hatchery-reared fish, as well as other projects at the Mote Aquaculture Research Park to learn about best aquaculture practices and gain experience in animal husbandry. This internship may require the physical ability to lift 50 lbs to shoulder height, walk/work in difficult field environments, bend and stoop for prolonged periods of time.