Chemistry Dry Laboratories

The General Chemistry Laboratory at IC2R3 provides benchtop space for visiting scientists to perform analytical analyses. This lab includes DI water, E-Pure (carbon free) water and tap water. Other laboratory equipment is available by request such as:

  • Circulating water bath (VWR)
  • Analytical balance
  • Vacuum filter setup
  • Vacuum pump
  • Fume hood clamps
  • Small bench-top incubator
  • Assorted glassware and accessories

The Carbonate Chemistry Laboratory instruments are available on site. Mote’s staff chemist manages and runs these instruments. Weekly monitoring of the header tanks (total seawater alkalinity, DIC, and pH (including calculation of carbonate chemistry)) is included with use of the Climate and Acidification Ocean Simulator (CAOS). Continuous measurements of pH and temperature (from Walchem monitoring probes) will also be provided. Extra experimental samples can be analyzed by the OA Program staff chemist (only) for a fee (as described below).

Automated Titrator for Total Seawater Alkalinity – Metrohm Titration Model 905 Titrando with software. Small sample volume (40 mL) and high precision (± 5µequiv/mg).
Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC) Analyzer – Apollo SciTech Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Analyzer (Model AS-C3). Small sample volume (1.0 mL), fast response rate (10 minutes per analysis), and high precision (±0.1% or better).
Spectrophotometric Determination of Total pH – OceanOptics Miniature Scanning Spectrophotometer with software. Small sample volume (3 mL).