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Reef Revival

Mote Marine Laboratory, an international leader in coral reef research and restoration, is partnering with Captain Hooks Dive Center to provide an elevated coral restoration experience inviting eco-tourists and locals alike to take part in reviving Florida reefs: Reef Revival.

Participants will visit Mote’s Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research and Restoration (24244 Overseas Highway, Summerland Key) for an integrated tour, science lecture about Mote’s unique past and current science-based, coral restoration efforts, and hands-on training for coral restoration. Then Captain Hooks will help divers explore Mote’s underwater nursery near Looe Key to fragment staghorn coral and delicately adorn coral trees, where coral is grown for later outplanting onto the reef. Additional dives will lead participants through the magical Looe Key reef.

Divers visit a coral tree in Mote's underwater nursery. The tree is a PVC structure that holds coral fragments being grown for restoration.Mote and Captain Hooks believe that coral reef restoration only works if we 1) use research-based restoration techniques with genetically resilient coral and 2) work together to help bring our reef tract back from the brink of extinction. Every diver can own a piece of the puzzle to put our reef back together again. Together, we can all support a Reef Revival.

  • Reef Revival participation packages start at $99 per person and include a donation to Mote’s coral restoration programs. Contact Captain Hooks to book your experience today: 305-872-9863

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