Accommodations at The Elizabeth Moore International Center

The Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research & Restoration is 19,000 square feet of research, education, offices and dormitories, on almost an acre of Lower Florida Keys canal-side property. More than three hundred feet of dock space and 120 feet of mangrove fringed shoreline provide space for resident and visiting research support vessels. IC2R3 provides a base of operations for Mote's on-going research and education programs in the Florida Keys, but is also open to any research or education group.


Linens and towels are provided, and the kitchens are fully equipped with pots, pans, silverware, plates, glasses, etc. Phones are available in every room for unlimited local calls, and long distance calls can be made using a calling card or other pre-paid calling card. Every room has high-speed internet access capabilities at no additional charge for visitors. There are two dormitory-style spaces, accommodating groups of up to 12 people.

Easy access to our deep water canal and shallow hardbottom/grass flats near the wall make it an ideal location for a quick swim or snorkel.

Click here to view current fees related to facilities use, and for availability or reservations, contact:

Robert Etti 
Facilities Administrator
The Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research & Restoration
24244 Overseas Highway, 
Summerland Key, FL 33042
Ph. (305) 745-2729 x201
Fax (305)745-2730

Dry Lab

The dry laboratory is fully equipped and provides ample bench space for visiting scientists, educational groups, and "in-house" research at Mote.

Because the lab is also used for Mote "in-house" research, equipment is well maintained and most common use items (such as glassware, kimwipes, etc) are readily available. Visitors need only bring non-reusable items (filter discs, chemicals, etc.). The main lab includes bench space and cabinets, fume hood, refrigerator, freezer, a low temperature drying oven, autoclave, mechanical and electronic balances, benchtop refrigerated centrifuge, vacuum pumps and a variety of microscopes (stereo and compound). Deionized water is available, and a separate chemical prep room provides space for weighing and mixing chemicals.

Fume hood, sterile hood, and several incubators are available for microbiology. The lab is also equipped with high-speed internet access at no additional charge for visitors, and a multi-port hub provides internet access for visitors traveling with laptops. Some basic computers and a printer are also available for general use, web access, and email. A digital video editing station is also available by special arrangement, as well as a large plotter for printing posters and banners.

A separate imaging lab provides a dark, quite space for microscopy. A variety of compound and dissecting scopes are available. An Olympus BX60 Fluorescence capable scope is equipped with digital imaging, and several Leica compound scopes are available for group use.

Wet Lab

An open pressure seawater system supplies a variety of outdoor raceways, wet tables, sorting tables, large tanks, and a variety of smaller aquaria.

Most tanks and wettables are covered with 70% light reducing shadecloth, but lighting/shading can be changed independently among tanks if needed. Deeper raceways are available for long-term experiments. Substrate, flow rate, shading, and aeration can all be altered or controlled depending on the nature of the experiment. Shallower wet-tables can also be used for long term experiments, or short term multi-replicate experiments using smaller aquaria. Additional space, seawater supply, and shading is available for short-term tank setup if visitors wish to bring their own tanks or holding tanks.

IC2R3 staff are available to assist with experimental setup and basic maintenance of tanks and systems. Long-term maintenance and monitoring of experiments by Mote staff can also be arranged.

Larger holding tanks are located separately, supplied by an independent seawater and filtration system. Shading, flow rates, etc. can all be altered, and all tanks have a clear viewing port installed in the side. Tanks ranging from 4'h x 8'w to 6'h x 15'w are available, both for short term holding of specimens, or long term growth or behavioral studies.

Classroom/Conference Room

A large room is available for either classroom use or as a meeting room. Various A/V equipment is available for general use, including overhead projectors, PowerPoint compatible video projector with laptop, VHS, and teleconferencing capabilities.

The classroom is located adjacent to the dry laboratory, making it ideal for teaching workshops involving both lectures and hands-on lab exercises. A hub provides high-speed internet access for multiple users providing their own computers. Seating and tables can be configured to accommodate each groups needs, with a capacity of up to 100 people.

For conferences or meetings, coffee and continental style breakfast, as well as bag lunches can be arranged.