Wetlab Research Laboratories

An open pressure seawater system supplies a variety of indoor and outdoor raceways, wet tables, sorting tables, large tanks and a variety of smaller aquaria.


A total of 12 shallow-water raceways are available for visitor use. Wet tables are covered with 50% light-reducing shadecloth, but lighting/shading can be changed independently among tanks if needed. Six deeper raceway tables are also available for experiments. Substrate, flow rate, shading and aeration can all be altered or controlled depending on the nature of the experiment; however, custom building and system retrofitting will be created at the expense of the visitor. For details about the outdoor research area please visit the Climate and Acidification Ocean Simulator page.


IC2R3 has two separate indoor wetlab facilities connected by a prep lab area located on the second floor of the facility. The prep area is equipped with a fume hood, two freshwater sinks, benchtop workspace, cabinetry and an Amscope articulating dissecting scope. There are 10 total raceways (8'x3'x1' dimensions) equipped with filtered seawater spigots drawing from the adjacent canal. There is one Ex-Situ Spawning System (coral), one Ex-Situ Recruitment System (coral), and three experimental aquaculture systems (multiple aquarium tanks in each). Each laboratory is also equipped with ample benchtop workspace and both a freshwater and saltwater sink.

Larger holding tanks are located separately, supplied by an independent seawater and filtration system. Shading, flow rates, etc., can all be altered, and all tanks have a clear viewing port installed in the side. Tanks ranging from 4 feet high x 8 feet wide to 6 feet high x 15 feet wide are available, both for short-term holding of specimens, or long-term growth or behavioral studies.