Podcast: After red tide, are snook showing up?

Dr. Jim Locascio is studying common snook along beaches that experienced major fish kills due to Florida red tide in 2018, to help understand the status of these popular sportfish following this major challenge. Lately, that research has included an uncommon tool: a flying drone that offers a bird's-eye view of these fish in the shallows. In this episode, Dr. Locascio tells hosts Joe and Hayley how he's applying this tool and others, and he shares what he's learning about snook in the wake of red tide.


Podcast: Coral ‘matchmaker’ shares the science of reef romance

Dr. Hanna Koch has been given many nicknames, including "coral matchmaker" and "coral fertility doctor." She's conducting managed breeding efforts with threatened coral species, part of the coral reef science and restoration mission of Mote Marine Laboratory scientists in the Florida Keys. In this episode of "Two Sea Fans," Koch explains where coral babies come from, how scientists are helping native corals reproduce sexually in a controlled setting, and why sexual reproduction is so important for providing fresh genetics to coral populations that are struggling in the wild. Tune in and add some science to your Valentine's Day! Koch is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the German Research Foundation and Visiting Research Scientist at Mote’s Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research & Restoration (IC2R3).


Mote joins state leaders to highlight coral reefs during Super Bowl LIV

Mote Marine Laboratory’s President & CEO joined Florida’s Governor, state agency leaders and partners at all levels to raise awareness for coral reefs on Jan. 30 in Miami, where Mote’s traveling exhibit Sanctuary Reef was also stationed to educate crowds gathering for Super Bowl LIV.

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