Super sense keeps manatees in touch with environment

Manatees — slow, plant-eating aquatic mammals — may not resemble superheroes, but their powerful sense of touch might even impress Daredevil, the blind comic book hero whose other senses are highly attuned.   A new peer-reviewed study, published recently in the Journal of Comparative Physiology A, reports that special body hairs help manatees sense water movements smaller than the period at the end of this sentence — likely helping them feel their way through a three-dimensional, underwater world where their vision is limited.

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Podcast: Sounds fishy: Acoustic studies of Florida fish

Dip a hydrophone into the Gulf of Mexico and you’ll be eavesdropping on plenty of “chit chat.”  Many fish species make sounds, especially during important life history events such as mating. Dr. Jim Locascio, Manager of Mote’s Fisheries Habitat Ecology Program, plays some fish sounds and shares knowledge from his acoustic research.


Longboat Key Club donation advances Mote’s veteran outreach

The Longboat Key Club recently donated $12,275 to the Colonel Richard D. Crosby, Jr. Memorial Veterans Fund at Mote Marine Laboratory, which helps support the many activities and programs in which Mote pro-actively engages with veterans, such as its Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge coral restoration initiative.

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