Science-based coral reef restoration took the spotlight during six Mote Marine Laboratory research presentations at the 2018 Reef Futures Symposium, hosted by the Coral Restoration Consortium during December 2018 in Key Largo. A total of 11 Mote scientists attended, and Mote sponsored the attendance of former Mote interns Aneri Garg from the University of Alberta and Benjamin Young from the University of Miami with full scholarships.

Mote scientists are proud to share that former intern Young received the best student presentation award at the conference for “Transcriptomic response to disease exposure in the threatened Caribbean branching coral, Acropora palmata,” and they note that it’s rewarding to see and-coming scientists applying their experience from Mote internships to succeed in grad school.

A group of Reef Futures participants enjoyed a field trip to Mote’s Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research & Restoration on Summerland Key, including a behind-the-scenes tour and chance to meet Mote President & CEO Dr. Michael P. Crosby and the stellar scientists in Mote’s Coral Health & Disease Program, Coral Reef Restoration Program and Coral Reef Monitoring & Assessment Program.

Mote scientists have restored some 43,000 corals to Florida Keys reefs to date, monitored their progress and led controlled lab studies investigating why some corals resist threats. Learn about our exciting new efforts here.

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