Approximately 330 juvenile snook were released in Phillippi Creek at Riverview High School on December 7, 2018. The snook have been cared for by Riverview High School students in a unique partnership between Mote Marine Laboratory and the school, through the Stars to Starfish program.

Here more about today’s efforts from Dr. Ryan Schloesser:

The “Aquadome” is Riverview High School’s 32-by-72-foot aquaculture facility including systems for snook and sharks, saltwater invertebrates, clownfish, coral and aquaponics (systems that raise aquatic animals together with plants). Mote has been working with Riverview’s aquaculture program for over 10 years and was involved in the development of the design and is actively assisting in the operations of the recirculating aquaculture systems in the Aquadome.

Additionally, this partnership provides a way for Mote to increase the number of snook released into local tidal creeks for research, while also allowing for additional data collection that can improve enhancement efforts moving forward. Two different antenna types, used for detecting tagged snook, are located on Phillippi Creek near the school.