Mote’s coral reef restoration and research efforts will be featured on the nationally syndicated show, Wildlife Nation, featuring host Jeff Corwin and presented by Defenders of Wildlife. The episode, “Crocs and Corals”, features stories of two conservation efforts in Florida, and the race to save endangered species in the state from extinction. Mote staff members Sarah Hamlyn and Dr. Hanna Koch give Jeff some firsthand experience with microfragmenting and outplanting coral, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at coral breeding. Check out the episode preview below, and tune in on Saturday, October 23 on your local ABC station!

Wildlife Nation Episode 104: Crocs and Corals

Join host Jeff Corwin on an adventure of discovery for two very different, yet very important species. First, Jeff explores the conservation success stories of the American crocodile. Jeff uncovers how a nuclear power station makes for an ideal crocodile nesting area. Later, Jeff travels to Key Largo to find wild baby crocs under the cover of night. Next, Jeff investigates how climate change is impacting delicate coral reef ecosystems and what conservationists are doing to stop coral bleaching.