This password-protected website allows commercial fishers, fisheries managers and marine scientists to exchange knowledge produced through electronic monitoring (EM) of fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico. 

This Data and Communications Portal (DCP) is a product of the Center for Fisheries Electronic Monitoring at Mote Marine Laboratory (CFEMM). Mote is an independent, nonprofit institution that has led diverse marine science programs for more than 65 years, including decades of fisheries science. 

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How the CFEMM can help you through this site:

Members of the commercial fishing industry can:

  • Download short trip highlight videos recorded from their trips.
  • Access data products* (designed to help you optimize your fishing practices and better understand patterns in your catch and bycatch), including maps and tables containing:
    • Productive fishing areas
    • Bycatch hotspots
    • Discard rates
    • Shark and dolphin interactions
  • Fill out surveys.
  • Communicate with the CFEMM team and find contact information.

Fishery managers can:

  • Request data and data products* from CFEMM’s participating commercial fishing vessels in the Gulf of Mexico snapper grouper fishery from 2016 to present.
  • Facilitate discussions on how EM can help answer pressing fisheries questions and be applied to the stock assessment process.
  • Access forms, surveys, and non-disclosure agreements.
  • Available data products* include:
    • Catch and bycatch hotspots
    • Fishing effort
    • Depredation rates
  • Get feedback direct from our participating fishers

*Note: Confidentiality of individual vessel data is of the utmost importance to the CFEMM and is protected through national policy guidance and/or at a CFEMM participants' request.

About electronic monitoring (EM)

EM—required in some U.S. fisheries and currently being investigated for the Gulf—involves deploying video cameras and sensors on fishing vessels and allowing scientists to analyze the results confidentially in the lab. EM is designed to fill monitoring gaps and complement the valuable monitoring systems already in place, such as on-board observer programs, captains’ logbooks, and vessel monitoring systems (VMS) with the goal of supporting sustainable, productive management and fishing practices.

About the Center for Fisheries Electronic Monitoring at Mote Marine Laboratory (CFEMM)

CFEMM is the only program dedicated to developing and assessing electronic monitoring (EM) technology as a tool in the Gulf of Mexico snapper grouper fishery to better meet the strong demand for accurate, independent data to ensure long-term fishery health. Visit our main CFEMM page here:

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