Why Sawfish Day and #BlackinMarineScience week should be on your calendar

Today’s episode makes us twice as happy because we have two excellent topics in store! Our guest, Jasmin Graham, has studied some of the most unusual-looking, endangered animals in the sea—sawfish, aka “danger snoots”—and she’s now advancing a critical mission: helping marine science become a more diverse field by increasing its accessibility to underrepresented minority students and researchers. Jasmin serves as Project Coordinator of MarSci-LACE (Marine Science Laboratory Alliance Center of Excellence), a multi-partner effort led by Mote and supported by a National Science Foundation grant as part of the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation. Today, she helps hosts Joe and Hayley get ready and get excited for International Sawfish Day (Oct. 17) and #BlackInMarineScience week (Nov. 29-Dec. 5) celebrated with Mote’s Empowerment Panel event! In addition to sharing her work at Mote, Jasmin tells us about her leadership of the organization Minorities in Shark Science.