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Reserve Our Mesocosms, Raceways & Culture

An important part of the Florida Red Tide Mitigation and Technology Development Initiative was the development of a mesocosm/raceway facility and the ability to provide large amounts of Karenia brevis culture for research—to safely test mitigation and control techniques, compounds, and technologies in a controlled setting.

Thus, Mote Marine Laboratory undertook this challenge and built these facilities at Mote Aquaculture Research Park, located at 12300 Fruitville Road, Sarasota, FL 34240.  These facilities allow Mote and many visiting researchers funded under the Initiative to move promising research safely, efficiently and stepwise from the laboratory tabletop to small mesocosm/raceways  to larger mesocosms, and eventually, to field applications to help Florida coastal communities.
Mote is attempting to provide these facilities, culture, and basic assistance at no cost for Initiative-funded projects. To reserve a mesocosm or raceway or request Karenia brevis culture please complete the form at the link below. If you have questions or other needs, please contact Kevin Claridge at or 941-388-4441 ext 275.