Thie Ocean Acidification Program focuses on effects of changes in ocean pH levels and other variables (such as temperature and nutrient concentration) on organisms found in marine ecosystems (coral reefs, seagrass beds, coastal, etc.). Interns will be working with carbonate chemistry, animal physiology, water quality, experimental design and setup of an ocean acidification testing facility. This internship will be located at the ocean acidification testing facility (OASys) at the main lab in Sarasota, Florida and is available year-round. Internships for the ocean acidification testing facility (OAFTERU) at the International Center for Coral Reef Research and Restoration in Summerland Key, Florida, are also available year round, but mostly during the summer and fall months, depending upon current projects. College students with chemistry laboratory experience preferred. Please indicate which location you prefer. Hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, with occasional long hours and weekends. 

Note: Housing is sometimes available at Mote's Summerland Key facility for a reasonable rate, usually during fall and spring internship sessions. During the summer session or if the facility if full, interns will be responsible for finding their own housing. When this internship is based in the Keys, interns must also have their own transportation