There are several Ocean Acidification program locations and projects that accept interns.  If interested, please apply for the Ocean Acidification Program in your internship application, but specify one or several of the following program locations or projects in your statement of interest.

Ocean Acidification Program at Mote Marine Lab Sarasota - Dr. Emily Hall

The Ocean Acidification Program focuses on effects of changes in ocean pH levels and other variables (such as temperature and nutrient concentration) on organisms found in marine, costal, and estuarine ecosystems (coral reefs, seagrass beds, rocky reefs, etc.) and is comprised of a number of research focuses. Interns in the OA Program at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota will be working with Dr. Emily R. Hall on carbonate chemistry, animal physiology, water quality, experimental design and setup of an ocean acidification testing facility. This internship will be located at the ocean acidification testing facility (OASys) at the main lab in Sarasota, Florida and is available year-round and will last three months, with possibility of an extension. Research activities vary depending on current and future projects but may include setting up and maintaining indoor tank experiments in an ocean acidification experimental system, conducting field surveys via snorkel or SCUBA, sampling seawater chemistry in coastal ecosystems via boat or kayak, and analyzing seawater samples in the laboratory. Interns will become familiar with scientific literature and data analysis software programs and gain experience in preparation of scientific manuscripts. College students with chemistry laboratory experience preferred. Hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, with occasional long hours and weekends.