Preserving corals worldwide

The Coral Biobank Alliance is a global network of coral biobanks, nursery practitioners, and experts preserving all coral species for ecosystem restoration and research. Our goals:

  1. Secure the bio- and genetic diversity of all species of corals by 2026.
  2. Standardize coral collection, storage, and data management practices across organizations.
  3. Train professionals and build capacity in reef systems around the world.

Coral reefs worldwide are declining due to global and local threats, from climate change and sweeping coral disease outbreaks to pollution, overfishing and more. From 2009–2018, the world’s coral reefs lost 14% of their coral—a blow to fisheries that depend on coral reef habitats, coastal communities that need corals’ protection from storm waves, and economies supported by coral reefs’ services worth $2.7 trillion per year worldwide. These losses add up to more coral than you can find on Australia’s reefs today. The Coral Biobank Alliance is working to secure and restore the global coral diversity we can't afford to lose. 

The Coral Biobank Alliance includes the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) Florida Reef Tract Rescue Project, AZA Coral SAFE, Great Barrier Reef Legacy, Mote Marine Laboratory / Mote's International Gene Bank, and World Coral Conservatory.

Logos of Coral Biobank Alliance Partners: Association of Zoos & Aquariums Florida Reef Tract Rescue Project, AZA Saving Animals from Extinction, Great Barrier Reef Legacy, Mote Marine Laboratory / Mote's International Coral Gene Bank, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, and World Coral Conservatory

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