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Florida Keys Coral Disease Reports Needed
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Community-Based Observations of Coastal Ecosystems and Assessment Network

NOTE: Formerly known as the MEERA Project.

With support from and coordination with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS), C-OCEAN is designed to provide early detection and assessment of biological events occurring in the Florida Keys and surrounding waters. The goal of the network is to help the scientific community better understand the nature and causes of marine events that adversely affect marine organisms, and assist ongoing research efforts to assess and monitor events as they develop. Understanding these events will help scientists and managers determine whether the events are natural or are linked to human activities.

The key to the early detection of marine events is the people who are on the water. Most of them have a considerable knowledge of the area and an understanding of when things are not as they should be. Anyone who is on the water frequently is encouraged to report observations as soon as possible.  

There is no paperwork involved, no specialized training needed, and no other participation or effort is required. By simply providing what, where, and when something unusual was observed, residents can provide scientists with the information needed to detect potentially large scale events as they develop.  To report an observation contact Cory Walter, Project Coordinator, at (305) 395-8730, or email cwalter@mote.org




Past reports have included observations of coral disease or bleaching, algal blooms or discolored water, diseased animals or mortality, sick or stranded dolphins and turtles, as well as other "unusual" observations.

Current C-OCEAN Observation Map

March 2021



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