Grants Received

Current Grants Received and Highlights from the Last Five Years

  • Forensics of Fish Diseases in the Gulf of Mexico. 2011.  Correlating Potential Impacts from the BP Horizon Oil Spill on Immune Function, Reproduction and Genotoxicity.  Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, $370,000.

  • Reproductive evaluation of dolphins using protein peptide hormones. 2011 Harbor Branch Oceanographic, $95,000.

  • Deepwater Horizon NRDA State of Louisiana. 2012. Immune Function and Genotoxicity of Impacted Marine Organisms. Stratus Environmental, $786,000.

  • Assessment of Health Status of Beluga Whales: Pre-oil Spill Status.  North Slope Borough, AK. 2012, $120,000.

  • Age estimating bowhead whales using amino acid racemization. 2012-15. North Slope Borough, AK, $90,000.

  • Biomarkers of health in Florida manatees. Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. 2012-2015, $76,000.

  • PAHs in prey of Cook Inlet Beluga whales. Cook Inlet Regional Citizen’s Advisory Council.  2013, $57,000.

  • Determination of sex in wild caught white sturgeon in Idaho.  Idaho Power and Light. 2013, $11,300.

  • Sublethal effects of oil and dispersant exposure to Alaskan salmon.  North Slope Borough.  2014, $200,000.

  • Contaminant assessments of dugong habitat in Malaysia. Pew Foundation. 2014. $30,000.

  • Sex determination of Endangered Gulf Sturgeon.  NOAA. 2014, $70,000.

  • Sublethal effects of oil and dispersant exposure to Alaskan salmon.  Oil Spill Response Research Institute. 2015, $100,000.

  • Genetic resilience of coral in Jamaica. University of the West Indies. 2014, $42,000.

  • Understanding short and long term sublethal impacts of Deepwater Horizon oil on adult and sub adult Gulf of Mexico fish. 2014. Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, $2.0 million

  • Development of Equine reproductive biomarkers.  2016. Private donation, $45,000.

  • Health Status and Conservation of Alaskan Polar Bears. 2016. North Slope Borough, AK and Shell Arctic Baseline Program, $370,000.

  • Sex determination of endangered sturgeon. Using New Technology to address critical uncertainties for conservation and recovery. 2017. NOAA Section 6, $533,000.

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