Research Publications

  • 2013 Hall, E.R., Muller, E., Ritchie, K.B., and Fine, M. Changes in physiology and functionality of two Western Atlantic corals from global and local factors: a holobiont approach. In prep.
  • 2013 Dixon, L.K., G.J. Kirkpatrick, E.R. Hall, and A. Nissanka. Nutrients on the west Florida shelf: patterns and relationships with Karenia spp. occurrence. Harmful Algae, in press.
  • 2013 Heil, C., L.K. Dixon, J. Lenes, M. Garrett, E. Hall, L. Killberg-Thorsen, D. Bronk, K. Meyer, B. Walsh, J. O’Neil, L. Procise, M. Mullholland, G. Hitchcock, G. Kirkpatrick, R. Weisberg, and J.J. Walsh. Nutrients, management and Karenia blooms: sources, sinks and cycling of nutrients to Karenia brevis blooms in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Harmful Algae, in press.
  • 2012 Hall, E.R., D. Vaughan, and M.P. Crosby. Development of ocean acidification flow thru experimental raceway units (OAFTERU). Proceedings from the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium, Cains, Australia.
  • 2012 Hall, E.R. Development of ocean acidification flow-thru experimental raceway units (OAFTERU): simulating the future reefs in the keys, today. Mote Marine Laboratory Technical Report No. 1629.
  • 2012 Hall, E.R., K. Nierenberg, A.J. Boyes, and B. Kirkpatrick. The art of red tide science. Harmful Algae, 17:1-5.
  • 2012 Hall, E.R., V. Lovko, L.K. Dixon, B. Pederson, and G. Kirkpatrick. Phytoplankton communities of the west coast of Florida – response to nutrient enrichment. Marine Ecology Progress Series, in preparation.
  • 2010 Dixon, L.K., E.R. Hall, and G.J. Kirkpatrick. A spectrally explicit optical model of attenuation for Charlotte Harbor seagrasses. Report to the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program. Mote Marine Laboratory Technical Report No. 1460.
  • 2010 Hall, E.R., B.A. Pederson, L.K. Dixon, and G.J. Kirkpatrick. Patterns in community structure of phytoplankton in relation to environmental data in Sarasota Bay. Draft report to the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program. Mote Marine Laboratory Technical Report No. 1417.

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