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This page launched in 2024 and is continually adding new citations. Thanks for your patience as we continue to upload Mote's collection dating back to the 1930s. See all citations by year in our annual reports.

2023 Scientific Publications

Jamila Roth, Todd Osborne, Laura Reynolds (2023). Warming and grazing independently and interactively impact plant defenses and palatability. Oikos, 2023(9), e09771.
J. Grace Klinges, Zachary W. Craig, Marina Villoch Diaz-Mauriño, Dakotah E. Merck, Summer N. Brooks, Alicia A. Manfroy and Abigail S. Clark (2023). Common aquarium antiseptics do not cause long-term shifts in coral microbiota but may impact coral growth rates. Frontiers in Marine Science, 10. 10.3389/fmars.2023.1281691
D. Cardenosa, Y. L. Robles, D. A. Ussa, C. M. del Valle, S. Caballero, & D. D. Chapman (2023). Pre-export shark fin processing to conceal CITES-listed species: a case-study from a shark fin seizure in Colombia. Animal Conservation, 26, 781-788.
Kiel, P., Formel, N., Jankulak, M., Baker, A., Cunning, R., Gilliam, D., Kenkel, C., Langdon, C., Lirman, D., Lustic, C., Maxwell, K., Moudling, A., Moura, A., Muller, E., Schopmeyer, S., Winters, S., Enochs, I. (2023). Acropora cervicornis Data Coordination Hub, an open access database for evaluating genet performance. Bulletin of marine science of the gulf and carribbean, 99(2), 119-136.
Oliver N. Shipley, Philip Matich, Nigel E. Hussey, Annabelle M. L. Brooks, Demian Chapman, Michael G. Frisk, Annie E. Guttridge , Tristan L. Guttridge, Lucy A. Howey, Sami Kattan, Daniel J. Madigan, Owen O’Shea, Nicholas V. Polunin, Michael Power, Matthew J. Smukall, Eric V. C. Schneider, Brendan D. Shea, Brendan S. Talwar, Maggie Winchester, Edward J. Brooks and Austin J. Gallagher (2023). Energetic connectivity of diverse elasmobranch populations- implications for ecological resilience. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 290, 20230262.

2022 Scientific Publications

Longden, EG; Gillespie D; Mann, DA; McHugh, KA; Rycyk, AM; Wells, RS; Tyack, PL (2022). Comparison of the marine soundscape before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in dolphin habitat in Sarasota Bay, FL. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 152(6), 3170-3185.
Trotter, C; Wright, N; McGough, S; Sharpe, M; Cheney, B; Arso Civil, Monica; Tyson Moore, R; Allen, J; Berggren, P. (2022). Towards Automatic Cetacean Photo-Identification: A Framework for Fine-Grain, Few-Shot Learning in Marine Ecology. IEEE Big Data, 1942-1949.
Patricia M. Glibert , Wei-Jun Cai, Emily R. Hall, Ming Li, Kevan L. Main, Kenneth A. Rose, Jeremy M. Testa, and Nayani K. Vidyarathna (2022). Stressing over the Complexities of Multiple Stressors in Marine and Estuarine Systems. Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Research, 2022, 9787258.
Crabtree, Alexis; Fogel, Jaime (2022). Mote Marine Laboratory’s organisation-wide approach to digital asset management: A case study. Journal of Digital Media Management, 10(4), 330-341.
Beth Brady1, *, Eric Angel Ramos*2,3, Laura May-Collado*4,5, Nelmarie Landrau- Giovannetti*6, Natalija Lace*7, Maria Renee Arreola*8, Gabriel Melo Alves dos Santos*9, Vera Maria Ferreira da Silva*10, Renata S. Sousa-Lima*11 (2022). Manatee calf call contour and acoustic structure varies by species and body size. Scientific Reports, 12, 19597.
Andrea M. Tarnecki, Christelle Miller, Tracy A. Sherwood, Robert J. Griffitt, Ryan W. Schloesser, Dana L. Wetzel (2022). Dispersed Crude Oil Induces Dysbiosis in the Red Snapper Lutjanus campechanus External Microbiota. Microbiology spectrum, 10(1), e00587-21.
Ault, J.S., S.G. Smith, M.W. Johnson, J. Estes., J.A. Bohnsack, G.T. DiNardo, J.J.W. Grove, C. McLaughlin, V. McDonough, M.P. Seki, S.L. Miller, J. Luo, M.P. Crosby, G. Simpson, M.O. Nadon, M.W. Feeley, and A. Acosts (2022). Length‐based Risk Analysis of Management Options for the southern Florida USA Multispecies Coral Reef Fish Fishery. Fisheries Research, 249, 106210.
Graham, J., G. Hodsdon, A. Busse and M.P. Crosby (2022). BIPOC voices in ocean sciences: A qualitative exploration of factors impacting career retention. Journal of Geoscience Education, 71(3), 369-387.
Hanna R. Koch, Briana Matthews, Celia Leto, Cody Engelsma, Erich Bartels (2022). Assisted sexual reproduction of Acropora cervicornis for active restoration on Florida’s Coral Reef. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9, 959520.
Victor Blanco, Cortney Ohs, Nicole Rhody, and Ronald Hans (2022). Candidate Species for Florida Aquaculture: Almaco Jack, Seriola rivoliana. University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) Extension Data Information Source (EDIS), FA249.
Elder, H., Million, W.C., Bartels, E., Krediet, C.J., Muller, E.M. and Kenkel, C.D. (2022). Long-term maintenance of a heterologous symbiont association in Acropora palmata on natural reefs. ISME Journal, 16(2), 400-411.
Hanna R. Koch; Yuen Azu; Erich Bartels; Erinn M. Muller; (2022). No apparent cost of disease resistance on reproductive output in Acropora cervicornis genets used for active coral reef restoration in Florida. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9, 958500.
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Laura García Barcia1  · Annette E. Valdes1 · Aljoscha Wothke2 · Lanya Fanovich2 · Ryan S. Mohammed2,6 · Stanley Shea3 · Cindy González1 · Yong Cai4 · Demian Chapman5,1 (2022). Health Risk Assessment of Globally Consumed Shark Derived Products. Exposure and Health, 15, 409-423.