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Brian Siegel

Senior Aquarium Biologist


Today's Research for Tomorrow's Oceans



Brian is a Senior Aquarium Biologist who currently works with Mote’s cephalopods. Brian is originally from Staten Island, New York, then family moved to Silver Spring, Maryland in 1989. He has been designing, fabricating, and maintaining exotic fish, reptiles, and invertebrates professionally since 1994. Brian has always kept exotic reptiles as pets. His current collection includes Arizona Mountain Kingsnake, Hypo-brooksi Kingsnake, Gray Banded Kingsnake, Florida soft shell turtle, River Cooter turtle, Striped face mud Turtle and a Leopard Tortoise (named Irving).


B.S. in Biology, Salisbury University
B.S. in Environmental Science/Marine Biology, University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES)