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Dr. Kevan Main

Senior Scientist Emeritus

Emeritus Senior Scientists

Today's Research for Tomorrow's Oceans



Dr. Kevan Main has led Mote’s aquaculture research programs since 2001. Before becoming a Mote Senior Scientist Emeritus in 2022, she served as Director of Mote’s 200-acre field station, Mote Aquaculture Research Park, in eastern Sarasota County. Dr. Main served as the Mote Eminent Scholar Chair in Fisheries and Aquaculture from 2013 through 2016. In 2012, Dr. Main was served as the President of the World Aquaculture Society. Her research interests are in developing sustainable aquaculture methods to produce marine fish, sturgeon, shrimp, abalone, and corals through aquaculture. Dr. Main received her Ph.D. from Florida State University and has more than 35 years of experience in the aquaculture of tropical and subtropical fish and invertebrates from around the world. She has published seven books and more than 98 peer-reviewed publications and has traveled to aquaculture facilities throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. In 2016, Dr. Main was recognized as a “White House Champion of Change for Sustainable Seafood.”


Ph.D. Biological Sciences, Florida State University
M.S. Biological Science, California State University, Northridge
B.A. Biological Science, California State University, Northridge

Mote Eminent Scholar Chair in Fisheries and Aquaculture - June 2013 – present
President, World Aquaculture Society – 2012 – 2013
Chair of the Tampa Bay Regional Business Plan's Marine and Environmental Activities Sector, Tampa Bay Partnership Program – 2011 – present.
Recipient of the Eugenie Clark Scientific Explorers Award – October 2008
Secretary-Treasurer and Member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of The Snook Foundation– 2001-2009
Vice-President, Secretary and Member of the Board of Directors, World Aquaculture Society – 1996-2004
Secretary-Treasurer, U.S. Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society - 1992-1993

Current Publications

Jacob Andrew Lasala, Melissa C. Macksey, Kristen T. Mazzarella, Kevan L. Main, Jerris J. Foote, Anton D. Tucker (2023). Forty years of monitoring increasing sea turtle relative abundance in the Gulf of Mexico. Scientific Reports, 2023(13), 17213.
Patricia M. Glibert , Wei-Jun Cai, Emily R. Hall, Ming Li, Kevan L. Main, Kenneth A. Rose, Jeremy M. Testa, and Nayani K. Vidyarathna (2022). Stressing over the Complexities of Multiple Stressors in Marine and Estuarine Systems. Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Research, 2022, 9787258.

Additional Publications

He, Q., Z. Cheng, D. Zhang, K. Main, C. Feng, S.J. Ergas (2020). A sulfur-based cyclic denitrification filter for marine recirculating aquaculture systems. Bioresource Technology 310 (2020)

Hans, R., R. Schloesser, N. Brennan, R. Ribeiro, K.L. Main (2019). Effects of stocking density on cannibalism in juvenile common snook Centropomus undecimalis.

Patrick, G., A.M. Tarnecki, N. Rhody, R. Schloesser, K. Main, R. Yanong, R. Francis-Floyd (2019). Disinfection of Almaco jack (Seriola rivoliana Valenciennes) eggs: Evaluation of three chemicals. Aquaculture Research

Boxman, S.E., Nystrom, M., Ergas, S.J., Main, K.L., Trotz, M.A. (2018). Evaluation of water treatment capacity, nutrient cycling, and biomass production in a marine aquaponic system. Ecol. Eng., 120, 299-310.

He, Q., Zhang, D., Main, K., Feng, C., Ergas, S.J. (2018). Biological denitrification in marine aquaculture systems: A multiple electron donor microcosm study. Bioresour. Technol., 263, 340-349.

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