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Megan Gannon

Laboratory Technician

Ocean Acidification Research Program

Today's Research for Tomorrow's Oceans



Megan Gannon grew up in Indiana and graduated from Purdue University with dual majors in Wildlife and Aquatic Science in 2019. She has been fortunate to spend the early part of her career traveling across the U.S. for work opportunities before securing a permanent position as a Wildlife Biologist in the state of Florida. It was during this time that she developed a deep passion for the marine environment, ultimately leading her to transition her career focus to marine conservation. In early 2024, Megan joined Mote as a laboratory technician in the Ocean Acidification lab. In this role, she concentrates on studying water quality at both ex-situ and in-situ sites to provide valuable insights for coral restoration.


B.S. in Agriculture, Purdue University 

Additional Publications

Tornabene BJ, MF Chislock, ME Gannon, MS Sepulveda, and JT Hoverman. 2021. Relative acute toxicity of three per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances on nine species of larval amphibians. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management. 17(4): 684-690.

Flynn RW, MF Chislock, ME Gannon, S Bauer, BJ Tornabene, JT Hoverman, and MS SepĂșlveda. 2019.Lethal and sublethal effects of perfluoroalkyl substance mixtures on larval American bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana). Chemosphere.

Hoverman JT, MF Chislock, ZA Compton, and ME Gannon. 2019. Ranavirus reservoirs: Assemblage of American Bullfrog and Green Frog tadpoles maintains ranavirus infections across multiple seasons. Herpetological Review. 50(2): 275-278